Chiptuning-Box for your: BMW 740d E65/66 (190 kW 258 PS)

+66 PS Performance
+90 NM Torque
2 Years Guarantee

Chiptuning-Box: BMW 740d E65/66 190 kW 258 PS

Building Year
11/2001 - 04/2005
Engine Code
N 673 98 D1
Delivery time
dispatch in 24 hours
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Performance increase +66 PS

Series: 258 PS Optimized: 324 PS

Max. Torque +90 NM

Series: 600 NM Optimized: 690 NM

The SPEED-BUSTER ® Chiptuning-Box is - depending on the vehicle type - connected to various sensors of the engine. By our vehicle-specific wiring harnesses with original connector the data from the sensors are routed directly to the tuning box, recalculated by microprocessor in real-time and from there further to the engine control unit. By the recalculation based on vehicle-specific maps various motor parameters can be optimized - the result is optimum efficiency, more power and more torque.

Technical Data
  • Multichannel chiptuning box with vehicle-specific parameterization
  • Quality product - Made in Germany
  • Quick and easy installation and removal of the tuning box
  • Real-time data processing thanks to the latest microprocessor technology
  • Scope of supply: SPEED-BUSTER Chiptuning Box, vehicle-specific wiring harness, installation instructions for easy installation, TÜV certificate (only for certain vehicles)

Die Perfekte Ergänzung zu Ihrem Chiptuning

Speed-Buster GP1 Pedalbox - Gaspedaltuning V4.0 - BMW 7er

  • improves the response of your vehicle
  • more direct throttle response
  • sportier handling
  • more torque even at low speed
  • no additional burden on the engine
  • "Made in Germany" from the development to the production site in Sinzig
  • always up to date of all motor types
  • EMC Certification
  • 3 power levels to choose from
  • only small subtle switch in the interior visible
199,00 € 179,00 € excl. VAT excl. Shipping costs

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